Sony RX100

Lovely Flickr Explore

I have never understood how Flickr Explore picks up the photos which will be presented in the Explore photostream. And I do not actually care. All I can say that it is a lovely system because you can get casual everyday snapshots in Explore. The shot below is a very good example of that. Just my son Tiitus helping me out with the firewood. It is a great memory and actually an exploration of life for Tiitus. Maybe that is why it was in Explore.

GR comes, RX100 goes

I just ordered Ricoh GR. It appeared into a Finnish web store this morning and I immediately made my purchase. I am selling my Sony RX100 now.

I was not enjoying Sony enough to keep it. It is small and handy but GR is not that much bigger. And 90-95% of the shots I took with RX100 were at 28mm. I was not much zooming with it. GR has 28mm equivalent lens, so it should suit me well. So, my decision has been made. I have longer lenses (50, 80, and 200mm equivalents) for my X-Pro1, so my needs are quite well covered.

I am not sure when the delivery of my GR will be but the first estimate is 2-4 weeks from now.

In-camera stuff again

Tested High Contrast Monochrome in-camera JPEG preset with Sony RX100. I really like the results. Very contrasty and quite coarse looking images but suits well for certain situations. I think this monochrome setting may give new life to my RX100 which has been largely neglected lately. Below is a self-portrait (well, sort of) which I really liked.


Boring but useful

I am talking about Sony RX100. I am quite bored with it every time I take it in my hands. Nothing special in it. Why am I then keeping it?

There are few assets it has. First one is the small size. Because it fits so nicely in a jacket pocket it is the camera I’ll take with me if I do not care to take any camera bag with me. Another big asset is that it provides 28mm wide angle. Very useful especially in limited indoor spaces. Also nice to shoot some close-ups with wide angle end. And of course RX100 has f/1.8 at 28mm. Would be much nicer to have little bit wider apertures throughout the whole zoom range. Now RX100 has f/4.9 in tele end.

Then something about the minus side. Yes, the camera is very small. I would say too small even if I have quite small hands. It really is pain to use with any kind of gloves. You will push many of those small buttons simultaneously. Even when carrying the camera in your hand you’ll notice wen you start to shoot that you have pushed some buttons unintentionally and the camera is not anymore having those shooting parameters selected you wanted to. The metal surface of the RX100 is very slippery too. You can easily drop it. I feel quite unsure when I’m holding it.

The image quality is very good if the exposure is spot on. If not and you have to push or pull the exposure (not even much) in post-processing you’ll got remarkable amount of noise in the shot. And this is true even if you have used ISO 200. I am not happy about this at all.

For me the RX100 is not on par of all hype it has got. It still is useful for me as a snapshot camera but it is not giving any special feeling to me when I’m using it. It is a boring camera but it does its snapshot job reasonably well.


Fuji X-Pro1 is coming back. Well, now it is said. Many people will say that I am totally insane. I have thought this move for many days now and I didn’t want to write anything about it here before I actually did it.

There are few reasons for this move. The first is that I really loved the image quality of X-Trans sensor when I earlier had the X-Pro1. I mean I felt that some of my shots had some really special touch. And this is totally my subjective feeling but it is what counts here. The second one is that I realized that I will need interchangeable lens camera after all even if I am now going to have only the body with 35/1.4 lens. And those Fujinon lenses really are masterpieces. I am really waiting for the new Fujinon 56/1.4 lens. It would nicely complement the 35 mm. The third one is that I want to have both EVF and OVF. I am positive that I will try to use OVF more than before. Old school. The fourth is that I think the next X-Pro generation (X-Pro2) will have many of those improvements incorporated which the new X100S has. And in the coming summer or next fall I am ready to purchase the next generation body (I have no idea when X-Pro2 may come – maybe not in this year?).

I have now Sony RX100 which is easy to take with me everywhere. I think it is the biggest asset of it. RX100 is my snapshot camera and X-Pro1 will be for photowalks and other situations when the photography is the main thing.

Si enim fallor, sum.

An X-Pro1 shot from last summer.

One step forward

My OM-D set is now sold (only 45-200mm will be left for my wife’s use) and Sony RX100 has arrived. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to use it yet but it feels nice, small, and capable camera. Of course it is just a point-and-shoot compact but when you open the files in Lightroom you are not so sure anymore. They really are at the level of Micro Four Thirds maybe even more. Quite stunning for so small camera and sensor (even if the sensor is very big in P&S world).

Now I am waiting for Fuji X100S to ship. When I will get it I think I am all set up. I think the best approach in the future may be an upgrade path (i.e. future upgrades of RX100 and X100S) not to change camera systems and models all the time.

Here are just two snapshots with RX100.

My head is full of Xs

I am now selling my OM-D set. It is a great camera but it is not giving me the user experience I would like to have.

I have few options in my mind for a new camera. Or maybe cameras. Once again all have X in their model names. 🙂 At the moment I am very much into Fuji X100S. It should have quite fast AF, nice sensor, beautiful viewfinders, in-camera ND filter, and it feels substantial in hand. After selling my OM-D I would have enough money to buy X100S and a capable zoom compact, like Sony RX100. I have been very amazed of the ice shots my Flickr friend Richard had been shooting with it. Together these two cameras would be just under 2000 euros.

Then there is Sony RX1. I have been quite tempted on it since it was introduced. The lack of any kind of a viewfinder and user reports about slowish AF in dim light are now against the purchase.

Let’s see what happens.

Here is one X100 shot from last summer. Just to tease myself.