Tree Stump Project

Very many photographers have their own interest areas in photography and many call those areas as projects. I may say that I too have a project called Tree Stump Project.

There is something interesting in tree stumps. Trees could fall down naturally or they could be cut down in harvest. The resulting stumps are so different. What is very cool with the stumps is that they evolve in time. There will be weathering, degradation, and also beautiful new life growing on the stumps. When you go and see a particular stump after a year of your initial encounter the stump will be different and again worthwhile to shoot.

My stump project is a humble and still small but I really enjoy it. My goal is to increase the amount of my stump photos during this year.

An autumn stump Torso Growing on a stump Amanitae and a stump A leaf on a stump Cut A stump