Longing for the light

During the whole November we saw sunshine 12 minutes. If you divide it evenly, it makes 24 seconds per day.

Summer scene

P.S. My new Ricoh GR will arrive today. The above shot was taken with my earlier GR.

Half barn

Half barn, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

With this shot from the last summer I tested curves adjustments in Aperture 3. It seems that I have neglected curves a lot. I have thought that curves are somehow too “professional” for me and haven’t used them that much by myself. Actually they are very powerful tools. Here I used Aperture’s brushes to brush curves adjustments in or out depending where i used them. I really like the output. Formerly quite dull shot evolved to a much better version. Especially the sky is improved a lot.

In some earlier posting in this blog I stated that I am back using Lightroom 3. It may still be so but actually I am using Aperture more than Lightroom at the moment! I am learning Aperture more and more every day and liking it more and more every day.

I think I am now going to process one more photo in Aperture 3, so see you soon!

Dinner at the summer cottage

It would be so nice to be dining like that now but it is snow, snow, snow at the moment. This morning there were really demanding driving conditions on the roads. Lots of snow (packed by heavy wind gusts) flying around. It was so difficult to see anything behind other cars. But of course we are used to winter driving conditions in Finland, so that helps a lot.

Sun behind an island

Sun behind an island, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Another sunset shot from the last summer.

It seems that I really am longing for the summer now when we have the best winter time going on. I haven’t had time for any outdoor shooting lately and wanted to have some outdoor shots in Flickr so archives are my rescue. Not very wintery scene though. 😉

Time stops

Time stops, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Now that more snow is coming down and winter is in its peak I decided to go through my photo archives from last summer. There are actually quite many good shots I have not processed or even noticed in the first run. So, go through your photo archives and find some gems!

Missing summer

Missing summer, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Oh boy I miss summer right now! Those warm, sunny, and bright days. Last summer really was spectacular here in Finland. Extremely warm (well, unusually warm) and very dry. I had a superb summer holiday with my family and relatives.

Now it is raining sleet with heavy wind gusts. And it is so dark because we do not have very much snow yet. But when there will be more snow, it will brighten our days little bit.