Viveza 2

From spinning balls to a total crash

Yesterday evening I was happily usingĀ Aperture to process few shots and got one processed nicely. The second oneĀ caused big problems though. I had done basic adjustments for the shot in Aperture and after that I would have wanted to use Nik’s plug-ins just to test Viveza 2 and Silver Efex Pro. When I started Viveza 2 from Aperture I got the normal info that Aperture is processing the file for Viveza. But this processing lasted and lasted. After few minutes of processing I got a black info area on my screen saying that I have to shut down my MacBook by using the power switch. That has never happened to me earlier. Well, I did that and opened Aperture again and tried to open Viveza – no luck unfortunately. Then I had to force the Aperture to shut down. I opened Aperture again and tested Silver Efex Pro. The situation was the same – Aperture froze down.

In Lightroom 3 I had no problems with these plug-ins when I tested them yesterday.

Bye, bye Aperture. I’ll give up.