Our frontyard


Our frontyard today, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Great example of a nice winter day. Temperature about -15 C and crisp frost everywhere. After this we have had quite much more snow coming down and not so beautiful scene. But we will have lots days like that later on. Usually March is very beautiful month because then we have more light and snowy scenery will be more stunning then.


Greyscale day

Greyscale day, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Yesterday we had a real greyscale weather. You don’t have to shoot in monochrome mode or post-process your shots to B&W because all colors have vanished somewhere. Actually those trees are quite spectacular having all shades of grey tones.

It is so good to have some snow!

Snow brings so much light to our lives here in deep north. October and Novermber are so dark months, so snow is always most welcome thing. And of course our sons enjoy snow so much!

Poor grey weather

Poor grey weather, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

We have had weather like this for many days after the first snow we got was gone. Very grey, dark, and rainy all day long. Quite depressing actually. Now we really need some snow to brighten up the landscape and our souls.

Missing summer

Missing summer, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Oh boy I miss summer right now! Those warm, sunny, and bright days. Last summer really was spectacular here in Finland. Extremely warm (well, unusually warm) and very dry. I had a superb summer holiday with my family and relatives.

Now it is raining sleet with heavy wind gusts. And it is so dark because we do not have very much snow yet. But when there will be more snow, it will brighten our days little bit.

Clouds and greenery


White clouds, blue sky, light green forest. Really a Finnish spring.

It was so stunning combo with nice light to lit the forest. Clouds were spectacular and thunder storm was approaching us. Soon after shooting this we had to run back to the summer cottage because a heavy rain started.

My family at 27 degrees Celsius


Finland was the warmest country in the Europe yesterday!

We have had very warm and sunny weather lately. It was so cold winter and the spring started so late that everyone has gone crazy now when sun shines and temperature is over 25 Celsius. We had many kinds of nice activities at home and at summer cottage. I hope this weather will last at least few days more.

No snow anymore!

Yesterday (May 11th) I checked our yard and didn’t find any snow. Wow, how cool is that! The yard is quite grey and brown though as you can see from the pic. No proper green grass yet but soon I have to take the lawnmower out.

Weather forecast has promised some very warm (even over +15 C) days for the rest of the week. Let’s enjoy!