Powerful clouds

Long time no post. Again. Well, sometimes too busy for all stuff in life but I have not forgot my blog. I have lately used my fantastic Leica Digilux 2 quite much. I really love its output. It has a great 28-90 mm equivalent lens and images acquired with it certainly have some magic. The only downside is that you can not crop 5 MPix shot that much. This can also be a good thing because you have to think your composition more carefully beforehand.

Here are the beautiful clouds at summer cottage captured with Leica Digilux 2.

Powerful clouds

P.S. It is not a B&W shot.


The Most Boring Ad Ever Made? from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

Some latest B&Ws

I have been quite much into B&W shots lately. I have this kind of periods regularly. Sometimes I really love vivid colors and sometimes monochrome photos please me. For a few weeks now I have enjoyed adding grain in B&Ws and also using some high contrast settings or processing. But also those more clean ones which will give beautiful B&W skin tones are great. It much depend on the situation and my mood. I feel that sometimes the message of the photo (at least the message to myself) will be disguised by the colors. Changing the shot to B&W many times open my eyes to see a different level of that particular photograph. At least it will be worthwhile to try out.

The lads

Hiski and Tiitus

Animal cubes

Mr. 3D

We visited Angry Birds Activity Park

Boys reading together

Who's there?

Tree Stump Project

Very many photographers have their own interest areas in photography and many call those areas as projects. I may say that I too have a project called Tree Stump Project.

There is something interesting in tree stumps. Trees could fall down naturally or they could be cut down in harvest. The resulting stumps are so different. What is very cool with the stumps is that they evolve in time. There will be weathering, degradation, and also beautiful new life growing on the stumps. When you go and see a particular stump after a year of your initial encounter the stump will be different and again worthwhile to shoot.

My stump project is a humble and still small but I really enjoy it. My goal is to increase the amount of my stump photos during this year.

An autumn stump


Growing on a stump

Amanitae and a stump

A leaf on a stump


A stump

OVF fun

I have been lately using optical viewfinder (OVF) extensively with my Fuji X100. Such a great feeling to use a superbly bright viewfinder. No electronic one can compete. OVF is so fast – no lack of course. And you can see more than you get. Very handy indeed. I have not been using any photo preview with my cameras for some time now. I do not need always the immediate response to see the shot I just took. This of course makes shooting so much faster and it also makes me feel more free. Just concentrate on shooting not previewing the shots.

If your camera has an OVF just use it. Learn it. It will be fun.

Few photos shot using OVF with my X100:


Hate, hate, and once more hate!

Is there any possibility to go back the old one?! I guess not.

Actually the new photo experience gave me great laughs too. The camera icon for Fuji X-Pro1 was like a Polaroid camera! Wow.

In a Flickr style this “improvement” arrived like a bomb. Of course I knew that they were making it and I tested less than a minute the beta version but still… Bam and it was there!

I have been asking that question since I got iPad 2 shortly after it was introduced. I am still asking that same question. That quite much sums up the situation. Not an easy task for few reasons.

First of all, I use (or I am actually almost forced to use) PC at work. Not a Mac (which I use at home). I write scientific articles, funding applications, and many other kind of documents using Microsoft Word because it is most widely used word processing system and it actually has the best document commenting and tracking system available. So this info is important as a background.

I would like to use my iPad in many meetings we have here at work to make notes and short memos which I could easily transfer to my PC and which I could effortlessly distribute to my colleagues. I have tried so many kind of note making apps with iPad and no one of those have been great. Sometimes I would like to open a scientific manuscript with my iPad and make some corrections in it. Not an easy task. Actually I find it quite much an impossible task. It seems that an iOS version of MS Word would be needed to effectively work in this PC-Mac-iOS world.

I think the easiest way to fix these problems would be to buy a MacBook Air and istall MS Word for Mac in it. Then I would have the best possible (even though not perfect) solution for my above problem. But that solution would cost me about 1000 euros in minimum.


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